Important Notice

Dear Devotees and Friends,

Auspicious Greetings! With the increasing spread of Covid19 and London moving into ‘Tier 2’ High Alert Level restrictions, the temple will be temporarily closed from 19th October in order to reduce risk of infection. Please always refer to our website to stay updated with the latest information including date to reopen.

All Dharma services, regular chanting services and classes will continue to be online. We welcome you to join our online cultivation and practices. Registration for Dharma services, light offerings or other donations,  can be done via phone or online (1/11 – Great Compassion Repentance Service,  14-15/11 Medicine Buddha Dharma Service).

Please do join us in chanting the Medicine Buddha Dharani, to dedicate merits in order for the pandemic to end soon. Everyone is welcome to join the good cause and please record the numbers of your recitations via this Google form .   The General Dedication of Merits will be held in conjunction with the Medicine Buddha Dharma Services in Europe Fo Guang Shan temples in November.  Let us pray that everyone be safe and well under the blessings of the Buddha.   

May you be carefree in body in mind.

London Fo Guang Shan Temple

16 October 2020

各位護法信眾,大家吉祥 !


所有法會、共修與課程皆採線上直播方式,歡迎大眾線上共同精進修持。如需登記各項法會、隨堂、點燈等功德者,請來電洽詢,或上網填寫。(11月1日大悲懺法會,11月14~15日藥師法會) 同時敬邀見者、聞者共同諷誦藥師咒,迴向疫情早日消弭。發心持誦者,請連結( )登記持誦次數,歐洲佛光山各道場將於十一月藥師佛誕辰藥師法會總廻向,祈求諸佛菩薩神力加持,迴向有情大眾,健康平安。


倫敦佛光山 謹啟 2020/10/16

Upcoming Events /近期活動

We look forward to seeing you at the next events.

敦佛光山大悲懺 / 觀音法會功德登記表
Great Compassion Repentance Service
1 & 4 November 2020

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倫敦佛光山藥師法會 功德登記表
Medicine Buddha Dharma Service
14 & 15 November 2020

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