Oh great, compassionate Buddha! Today we gather in front of you in mourning, To pray for the deceased, His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Today we pray not only that His Royal Highness be reborn in the Pure Land, But also for the family members to lessen their grief and sorrow 

There must be a great deal of wistful longing and emotional attachment between them; Thus we pray to you, Buddha, With your great, compassionate power, To bring reconciliation to their emotional attachment, And to give them the support to be liberated and at ease. 

Oh great, compassionate Buddha! The coming and going of life passes in endless succession; The flame of life will never cease; It is most important: That we bring the light of virtue to illuminate the world; That we do our best to shelter all beings. 

Oh great, compassionate Buddha! During his lifetime His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Was a pillar in the family and supported it diligently, Was a powerful force in society and contributed to it, With his precious blood and tears. 

What he offered in life has nurtured fragrant flowers, And borne fruit for his family, friends and society, And created beautiful memories for this world. 

Oh great, compassionate Buddha! We pray for your support and protection: Please wipe away the tears of the family

With your gentle-breeze-like compassion; Please illuminate the true meaning of life, With your warm-sun-like wisdom. May everyone remember the good counsel of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, May everyone praise the kindness and merits of His Royal Highness, May the brilliance of his life continue into the future; May the garden of his life proliferate endlessly. 

Oh great, compassionate Buddha! We sincerely pray to you, May the deceased, His Royal Highness and his bereaved family find comfort, May the deceased, His Royal Highness and his bereaved family find refuge. 

Oh great, compassionate Buddha, Please accept our sincerest prayer! Oh great, compassionate Buddha, Please accept our sincerest prayer! 


各位護法信眾 吉祥


一、 配合道場行事與法會直播時間:
週一~週四13:30~15:30 PM 週五放香、週六、週日配合法會直播,暫不開放。

二、 因應政府對宗教團體條例集會限制,法會、共修持續採直播方式進行,歡迎大眾參與網路直播共修。

三、 入寺需知:
1. 入寺前,自備口罩 、手套,並請全程、自覺佩戴。
2. 請使用指定拜墊禮佛,或就地禮拜。禮拜前後,協助清潔。
3. 請按指定路線行進,未開放區域如淨房與結界區請勿咨意進入,保持合理社交距離,勿觸碰道場殿堂設施等法務用品。
4. 供品花果請全數自行帶回,勿留置道場。

花開四季 耕耘心田
倫敦佛光山 謹啟 2021/03/31

Dear Devotees and friends,

From 5th April, the temple will begin to reopen to the public. Please take note of the following:

  1. Opening Hours Monday to Thursday 1:30pm – 3:30pm Friday – CLOSED 
    Due to the livestream Dharma services, the temple will not be open to the public on weekends.
  2. Following the guidance by the government, all Dharma services will continue to be live-streamed online. The temple will remain closed to the public during these services. We welcome you to join via live-streaming on YouTube.
  3. When visiting the temple, please take note of the following:
  • Face masks are mandatory, please prepare your own and out on before entering and keep them on at ALL times when inside the temple.
  • Use designated prayer cushions or make prostrations on the floor in the shrine. Please help to wipe down the cushions after use.
  • Please follow the designated path, do not enter prohibited areas such as the washrooms. Maintain social distancing and do not touch any items in the shrines.
  • Please take all your offerings of flowers, fruit or food with you when you leave the temple.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Cultivate a heart that blooms in all seasons.

London Fo Guang Shan Temple 30th March 2021

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